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Full Version: Children Of No One - my take
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I may have gotten a little carried away with the ambience on the Strat at the start of the song. Other than that, there's some vocal delay. The drums, bass and guitars just got EQ and compression. There's only EQ on the opening synths. Your thoughts?
Listening through headphones, it sounds great to me. It has that late 60s / early 70s sound that I like. Very Cool.Smile
Thanks, Dave. I guess since I grew up in the 60s and 70s, what I've listened to in the past is subconsciously coming out in the mix.
Here's an alternate mix done yesterday. EQ and compressor choices were done to almost every track, the least was done to the synth pads at the start. Only the EQ was modified on the vocal tracks to get some harsh peaks under control. I think the overall tone of the drums, guitars and bass are far better and much clearer than they were. At mastering, there's the NI Passive EQ in Mid-Side mode creating a wider mix, and the VariComp instead of the stock Logic multi-band compressor originally used. The directional mix is turned off compared to the previous setting that added 25% greater width. The limiter which had been set to +4.5dB is now down to +1.5dB, and its still louder than before. Any thoughts are appreciated as always.
Last Friday I had some updates to Logic X on my Mac Mini, and this was the only song available on that machine to test the updates (minimal disk space). The mini has a reduced set of plug-ins, so the majority was done with stock Logic EQ and compressors. When I finished, I found so many sections and parts that sounded clearer that I reset all the channel strips and started over on the Mac Pro Saturday. This is the result.
Hi Dave!

Pretty good mix here! One thing that my ears are screaming for: Bottom end. (I like metal and maybe that's why I like that really heavy and low thing going on)
Overall I like how you achieved that old-school sound, even if I tried I could never do it. Great job man.