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Full Version: What a weird and magical song. Loved it! I think I got a really good mix here
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I'll appreciate any feedback
* I've added a revision, I think it's way better...
I started off not knowing what to do... Once I treated the vocals with a huge church verb I got the vibe and the mix took a good flow from there.
I recommend to start with vocals on this one and go nuts with ambience and effects
Please listen and reply.
I'm looking for a true feedback even if it's harsh.
Thank you Smile
Very good mix I like it a lot the I like the church verb it gives the song a nice full ambience .
The electronic hi hat or cymbals transients could be tamed a touch more with maybe some parametric or a dynamic eq as jumping out of the mix a touch in some frequencies !
Nice work !
Cheers Big Grin
Thank you for your feedback.
The drums came as a loop, I used both a deeser and a multiband trying to tame those hats without compromising the nice snare transients... I'll revisit and see if I can get out some more
my revision
Listening mallory6 only, it's really good, no problem with the hats here (though who knows how deaf am I already?) I love how the high spectrum of the reverb seems to breath in the verses. Everything under control and a nice middle8. Just some things that fell out of place:

- Piano needed a little bit more meat and brightness (maybe more close mics and less room), it feels a little detached from the rest of the track in the sparsest moments and gets subdued in the busy parts.

- That pseudoindustrial loop in the bridges has too much presence, it kinda eats the guitars and piano, especially in comparison to the airy and soft loop in the verses.

- The lead vocal in the big final seems too little and lack gravitas (maybe you could have kept the BGV's in their original position and copypaste so to still have the call and response trick?