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Full Version: Ubiq... Ubi.... Ubiquo...thing. (I LOVE this track, it was an honour to mix!)
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Big Grin

I really gave the best I got with this one, because I instantly fell in love with it once I had done some initial gain staging... I'm not too familiar with how Minimal Techno is "supposed" to sound, but I know how it feels when the walls are shaking cause my practise room neighbours used to have minimal parties every few weeks some years ago, which were famous for being obscenely loud and excessive Cool

I made "minimal" the main priority, my main focus was to keep all the precious dynamics and timbres intact and to alter them beautiful waves as little as possible...
Well I ended up doing quite a lot in the end:
carefully saturating the bass and kick, subtracting a lot of the 4k range out of the cymbals, then distorting them heavily, then brightening them again, taming the low mid range and rumbly basses of the "glass drums" as I called them, with some gentle low shelves and dynamic EQ, using some transient shapers and soft-clipped parallel compression along the way to make both the transients and whistly ambience shine, and I placed some gentle compression, limiting and soft clipping here and there to make the whole thing a little more consistent without squashing it to death (hope I didnt squash it to death Big Grin)
The only effect I used was a reverb on the (heavily clipped) claps, which ended up being kinda loud when they first enter the stage, I should have done some automation there maybe...
Last step was a subtle sidechain compressor on the bass, ducking it about 3db when the kick hits, and that was the mix.
Mastering was easier than I expected. Since I deliberately left the dynamics of the synths and hats mostly alone I feared that the final mix would be all over the place, but astonishingly it wasnt, all I had to do is use another dynamic EQ to tame the 100hz range another 2-3 db, put a brickwall limiter on the whole thing (ceiling is at -1db to be safe for mp3 conversion) and then put a soft clipper (clipping less than 2db) BEFORE the limiter just to tidy up the transients' peaks before losing them totally in the limiting process... (a trick that I picked up from Mixbus TV on youtube, just like the trick to hide compression, limiting and gentle soft clipping in the mix instead of throwing them all on the master bus afterwards, big shoutout to him, he's incredible!)

IMO it worked out incredibly well and I'm really happy with the result, but I could be totally wrong about that because I'm limited to monitoring everything on my home stereo, computer speakers and cheap headphones (and I know that my room is extremely bad at handling low frequencies), and also I have little experience in mixing anything, least of all EDM and hip hop, so I cant really judge weither the balance between low and high frequency content is okay, weither bass and kick work well together and simply weither it feels good and sounds enjoyable and powerful anywhere else than in my room...

That's where you come in Wink I'd love some feedback, positive and negative!
Cheers from germany Smile
Hey there long time no see,

I dont really like the song to be honest. I found those glass-drums super annoying, and overall lots of repetetive patterns, which I didn't really enjoy.

The mixing is very good, this one is the best out of all 3 you did so far. (All my opinion of course. Just make the claps a bit quieter and it's perfect.

Over the last 10 Months I researched quite a bit but one question if you dont mind: What is a soft clipper and why did you use it in this mix?

Cheers, Lukas Angel
Thanks a lot I'm glad you like it Wink
Well a soft-clipper will introduce clipping to the signal, but instead of clipping the waveform hard so it looks like it was cut with scissors at the clip ceiling it softens the clipping, like rounding off the hard edges with the scissors, so the clipping doesnt kick in hard at the clip ceiling but it sounds... well rounder, more pleasing. Afaik distortion pedals for electric guitar use hard clipping while overdrive pedals use soft clipping. It can be used for some heavy fuzzy goodness as well as a tool to shave off transients without making them inaudible like a limiter would do. If youre interested in a free amazing soft clipper plugin check out Venn Audio's FreeClip I use it all the time Big Grin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqUK3G47bcM Cheers Smile