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Full Version: September Trance mixdown by total EDM Newbie (Mix 2 added) I'd love some feedback :)
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Hey there Smile
This is a really, really interesting project for me, I've never ever put my hands on any kind of edm whatsoever before, my background is being a home-recording rock/metal guitar player who has been getting more and more into mixing and mastering for about a year...
Therefore I'm most interested in receiving actual criticism, so if any of you notice any obvious beginner mistakes, please tell me, because it was so much fun that I want to get into mixing/making trance, especially psytrance and other edm stuff a whole lot more in the future, this track really hooked me up to it Big Grin

edit: I've done another mix trying to make the kick and bass more audible, it's far from perfect, but I think it has a really nice psychedelic goa vibe now that wasnt even planned, it just happened when I was checking out the presets of Blue Cat Audio's freeware phaser plugin Cool
Cheers Smile
Mix two is nice....hats on the left are a little loud....but you've made the bass and kick VERY smooth, which I like quite a bit. When I have a little more time, I'll give you something in depth....just wanted to let you know that somebody is listening :-)
Hey Fleisch Berg, (wie kommt man auf so einen Namen??? xD)

here are my toughts(on mix2). I am no expert in any way, not in mixing and definetly not in mixing electronic music.

Things I'd change:
- Percussion a bit harsh
- Synth Line entering at ~ 0.55 could sound a little fuller and lacks some impact(maybe saturation)
- Harsh High-End
- Ending a bit aprupt (maybe put some automated verb for the main instruments (~ 4:15)
- Just fade out at ~ 4:25 the last 10 seconds dont add anything

Gooood Stuff:
+ Nice Ambience
+ Superb Levels, Dynamic and Tonal Balance
+ Good Lows and Sub-Lows
+ Dynamic Master (put you could push it a little further imo)

Overall a great mix, just some minor tweaks and it's done imo Big Grin

Lukas Angel
Again, mix 2 is very smooth....I really like this as part of the "trance" in Trance Music is not to pull the listener away with things poking out all over, but to lull them in. Nice flanger on the middle-arp parts. Adds something very cool to the mix. In addition, I like the way you've treated the breakdown. a fade in is definitely an improvement over the original! Is the back half louder? If you did that on purpose it adds intensity and drama! If it was a happy accident because you didn't compress the hell out of the track, then I applaud your restraint. The original was pretty "pancaked" as far as compression and limiting....which adds it's own thing, but I like what you've done.

There are a few balance issues. I disagree with Lukas in that the last 10 seconds are meant as a segue for the next track in the full EP....but as a solo mix perhaps a fade-out is reasonable.
Overall, Well Done!