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Full Version: Softube console 1, and waves plugins.
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Any feedback? I just dove into this mix over the last couple hours. Hopefully I didn't lose perspective and overcook it.....
Here's the final version.

I eased up the reverb on the verse vocals, hi-passed the whole mix at around 30khz, scooped a little 270k and nudged the drum buss and keys buss up a little.

I also backed off a little backing vocal saturation.

I also reduced the drive on the abbey road reverb (I have a distortion pedal after the reverb).

Sorry, here is the file...
Hey there,

I’m pretty sure you did not high-pass the whole mix at 30 kHz because there would have been nothing left. Smile

Also not sure about that 270k thingy…

The centered vocals in the 2nd mix are a definite improvement over the first version, off-center lead vocals are very distracting for me. And yes, the vocals in the first mix were too roughed up, good call on that.

Instead you could try adding the saturation on the bass, this way it won’t disappear on grotboxes. Smile

Keep it up!
The chorus feels unbalanced, sorry. That boost to the vocals is just overkill, methinks. You could keep the levels consistent with the rest of the tune and still have some nice contrast via the effects only. On the verses, it's the beat that's taking over the vocal (though it's way less of an issue), it's kinda like there were two persons mixing the track.

Hope you're digging that Console 1, keep it up!