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Full Version: My Try on I'll_Fate Song
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This is my first try on this song.

I´m new on mixing stuff, comments will be appreciated.

I did another try on this song...

This time I reamped the guitars and bass...

Please leave comments....

See ya!!

As jacques suggested...

I put a little more low end on the kicks...

Feel free yto leave another comments.

Hello! Nice mix! Very powerfull GTR. All best!
Nice guitar sound indeed, some more 5 kh would be nice though!The bottom end you have comes mostly from the guitars and that is disturbing.
The kick is pretty much buried.Also the most important thing is that all the mix is pumping (i guess some crazy amount of 2 bus comp and too fast release time)
I hear the 3rd mix of yours by the way.

what ever you do with comp in tow bus never overdo it!
New try....kkk

Feel free to leave comments...