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Full Version: What can I improve?
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Hi all,
total newbie to mixing here. I post this mix knowing it could be much better, however I ask to more experienced users than me where i can start improving it, thanks Smile
I can only give you thoughts of a listener.

Your mix is quite good for a newbie. Your ear is good if you ask me, you didn't play too much with widening tools to blur the center - which is what I generally observe as far as newbie mixes are concerned.

Personally, what I expect from these kind of rock songs, is power! You could mix the drums more powerful - dynamic. Especially the snare might be hitting more powerfully. These type of songs are mixed quite beautifully by Chris Lord Alge, you could listen to his mixes for reference. Your mix also lacks sides. So the stereo image is too narrow.

Nevertheless I quite enjoyed listening to your mix, keep improving!