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Full Version: Hollow Ground: 'Ill Fate'
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Final mix and master
Hey Smile !

Much better than the previous ones !

Only thing that really bugs me is the kick, it is very pillow sounding, in my opinion it needs more click and attack.
For me it's killing the rest of the mix :p

Keep it up !
Im Fine with the kick its already got about 12 db boost at 6 k .
I played with that kick for ages .The ref mix is far worse

(18-11-2016, 01:55 PM)takka360 Wrote: [ -> ]The ref mix is far worse

Thats true, but the kick in the ref mix is still better sounding for this style imho.
You got kicks on the brain lol
I dont get what you mean by this but I'm just telling you what comes to my head while listening Smile !
Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it.