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Full Version: "My Own" Mix Attempt - Feedback appreciated
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Please let me know what you all think. Consider that I'm not that good at doing it and it could be the shittest mix ever. But I tried not to do sound design, and approach it as if the production was finished (which was not, I believe): balancing and focusing of instrument to get them in the pocket; also a touch of buss compression and light limiting. I don't think I achieved it anyway, I'm trying!
Good balance between instruments. Vocals are clear and up front. I like what you have here.

Now it just needs to be "bigger". It seems a bit confined; a very narrow stereo field. Widen the image, have more things happening on the edges. Maybe not so far as hyper-real, but heading that way. Also, go for a bolder bottom end. I think some imaging/movement ear-candy would bump up this tracks interest level.

Just my 2 cents. Since I almost never listen to this style of music, I could be 100% wrong. <big smile>
That comment made my day, back in the day. I made another 500ish mixes of that song, going for the edits you suggested, then I gave up and made my own spin.