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Full Version: I'll Fate
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New mix.. Not quite sure about the mix after comparing to several of other mixes.

Seems like this song in particular had too many variations.
I checked a few 5* mixes.. and they all sounded so different.

anyways.. your thoughts?. Thanks.
I like how guitars and vocal are fitted but it also seems like there is not much low frequencies or maybe just my mix has too much lows Wink
I think the low end is fine. But somehow your mix sounds pretty dry. You could get rid of this by using a global reverb send with a room setting Wink
And on the guitars I'd cut a bit more of 3-4k. Don't like the fizzling sound of the guitars. The bass also sounds a bit boxy. So with a cut at about 400-500Hz the bass would sound heavier I guess Wink.
But don't get me wrong, this is a good mix. Smile
Hey guys thanks for the awesome feedback

I've been busy but will get to fixing stuff when I get a chance.