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Full Version: ILL FATE mixed/mastered by Rhythm Power studio
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Here's my mix/master of this great song. Waiting for some feedback!

DRUMS: I triggered the kick and snare of the kit and assigned them to samples from EZDrummer 2 and Addictive Drums 2, respectively. I kept the original kick and snare (their individual recorded tracks) pretty low in the mix. The original snare was pretty good sound-wise. I just decided to alter its sound a little. Overall, great drums recording.

BASS: I used the amp sound which was massive! Great tone!

GUITARS: I used the DI tracks and ran them through Amplitube 3 and various impulses. Amplitube 3 never disappoints.

VOCALS: Great performance, great recording. I was happily surprised to see that they were already edited!

OVERALL: Had a great time working on the track! Very powerfull song!

Great mix.
Awesome guitares.
I have compared my mix with yours a lot but couldn't achieve the sound of guitars like yours.

I'd really appreciate if you listened to my mix and post what you think about it Smile
Hey man, glad you liked my mix! I just posted a review of mine for your mix on your thread.