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Full Version: Little Chicago - My Own
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This was a fun and simple mix. I went with a bright and bassy modern hip hop sound. I used my usual of the full slate digital suite, Waves SSL 4k, and various izotope plugins. The goal was hard hitting drums and a thick bass line, but not one that took any room from the kick without side chaining. I used FG-X for my mastering level and Ozone & Advanced ahead of that to get the best of digital precision and analogue warmth.
Listening on headphones ,the vocals sound out of time ,was that intentional or could have accidently bumped during mixdown.I like the depth of your mix , nice use of effects ,maybe some more de essing as can hear a lot sibilance on vocals.
The synth bass sounds a touch loud around the 90-100hz area.
Just some personal taste things to my ears Big Grin
Nice Job.