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Full Version: Sleep by the Fire - manuke mix
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Well.....did my best.
Hi Manuke,
Well, I like this a lot. The kick is deep and solid the whole kit sounds really good. I'm just not liking the snare sound right now, still have to make up my mind, it seems a little pitched up from most of the other mixes I've listened to. The guitars sound great everywhere except in the hook. They seem to loose a lot of definition for me. Did you use reverb on them? The vocal sound is sweet even in the screaming last pre, and that section I like because you've managed to maintain the energy even though most everything drops out, very cool.
Maybe another visit and try a different snare, one with more bottom and a little more weight. The guitars just seem different in the hooks to me maybe dry with more of an attack?
It's still better then my tries. I'm resting my brain and then going at it again.
Great work though real nicely done. Smile
Nice! I dig it!
Hey Tom, thanks for the feedback, will return the favor at some point, but can't listen to this tune for a while. Fair enough re the snare, normally I'd layer a sample underneath the original but felt I had no option but to replace the top snare track, wasn't doing it for me. As for the gtrs.....yeah they turned to mush but that's what happens when you take out all the ear bleedingly crushed bits, not a lot left, difficult to achieve attack or defintion when there is none in the original tracks too. And yeah, I did use reverb, and delays, multi band compression, de-essers, tape sims, eqs, anything to try and disguise them really.
And fj, thanks for having a listen.
Wow, nice vocals and a clean, smooth overall sound. I like it!
Hey thanks for that.