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Full Version: Forkupines - Sleep by the Fire, Boom in Water (manucopters Mix)
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Here is my mix. I had a lot of fun doin this.
comments and critiques are welcomed (as always)!
Wow! Very creative mix!! Love the way it changes into something I was not prepared for/
Plus vocal is EQed quite nicely so that I can tell the base mix has a nice balance. I especially liked the density of the vocal reverb and would love to know what is going on there!
Hey, thanks for your feedback!
I duplicated the lead vocal track two times and panned them hard to left/right and moved them some miliseconds behind the main vocal track.
the left vocal track is tuned 10 cents down and the right vocal track 10 cents up. so it sounds a little bit brighter and phatter (for me).
After that i send all the vocal tracks to the same FX-Channel where i put Hofa's IQ-Reverb in.

I dont know if i answered your question! Big Grin sorry for my bad englisch
Indeed very creative. But for me: very mono sounding. You started with wide FX on drums, which is cool, but than everything goes mono. You have cool ideas.
Snare is to loud, and in general some overall level adjustmentand could help. In quiet parts there is some noise (sounds simliar to analog "goodness" from waves plugin). Hope it helps you.