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Full Version: Forkupines - Sleep By The Fire, Bloom In Water - StillyStill Mix
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Man the original Mix is loud as hell!!

Here is my interpretation. Thanks much for your comments in advance!
Hey well balanced mix! I really like it. Is it the original snare or did you used another sample? Sounds very great!
Thank you manucopters!

I have added my snare sample but mix nob is only up to 23% or so.
Then the signal went thru FabFilter Pro-Q2 ~ Waves SSL Ch ~ MH Ch Strip 3.
Ah okay Smile I will try that too because i love the attack of your snare.
Hey, nice mix! But I think that you took it a bit too far with the de-esser on the main vocals. Every "s"-sound sounds like an "sh".. but I like the rest of the mix, especially the drums, nice one!