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Full Version: Forkupines - Mix and Mastered by David Eats Goliath
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Hey guys,

this is my quick session mix of that nice song.

Please let my know your criticism.

Cheers, Eric
That one's nice! Everything is in place and I don't see any problems with dynamics. Well done!
Hey wurstdrummer,

thanks for your feedback. It's a really nice sounding band and i really like your official mix! By the way, you have posted on the semantic thread, that you could provide the song "high on life".

Would it be possible to do that? I would be great to mix that song.

Cheers, Eric (From Berlin ;-))
"High on Life" isn't really worth it, really. I did the same mistakes with the drum tracks that would lead to phase issues as in Semantics... I'm sorry, but I'll have to take back that promise.
But there's going to be more stuff soon for sure! Thanks, man.
Hi Stickman, Hi Eric,

Good work! Good mix!

Great balance (great stereo guitar image hehehe Big Grin )
Just one thing to consider (I will in do in my V4 mix anyway) is to duck guitars in favour of the voices, and if you'll give the snare a ini tyny itsi pitsy more crisp (I used the sample snare as upper, gave it a bit extra in the mid and added original lower snare) then you will have the perfect mix.

Cya later and cheers,