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Full Version: Which One Is Better?
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I've been following Gram from Recording Revolution. He had a challenge to mix a song in 60 mins. Mix 1 was the first mix in 67 mins and mix 6 is the one I took 3 days off and on to mix. What do you think is better? The mix you first do or the one you take your time on? I also know CLA mixes in 3 hours for most of his mixes. Good experiment to try. Also, it was a lot of fun. Really digging Forkupines and thanks for the upload.

*edit I swapped out the ver 6 with 7 bc of some phase issues on the chorus gtrs.
Well, for your first mix:
It's clearly audible that your ears were tired. It's overcompressed and not leaving any space for dynamics, the drums are good regarding sound and placement but smashing everything aside.
You can barely hear the guitars in the chorus and the whole mix is a bit boxy.

You fixed much of it in your second mix, your mix is transparent and everything is well in place, except for the guitars in the chorus. Keep it up! And try reference mixing to bands similar in style (Biffy Clyro?)

I like your editing and experimenting!
Mix 6 is much better

I follow Graham at The Recording Revolution myself on YouTube and it's all about practise and learning whats best for you, me personally, I don't do well with mixing quickly!

With CLA, he is an amazing mixer, but remember he's miles and miles ahead everyone, and mixes that fast because of the quality of work that is handed to him

(Plus his assistants do a lot of editing and pre-mixing for him, so he doesn't really have a whole lot to do)

(And CLA tends to stick to his guns, and for me personal is stuck in his own ways (and over compresses EVERY!!!) and has formula and thats why he knocks out mixes so fast!
Hey dudes,

Thanks for the replies.

Wurstdrummer I haven't heard of Biffy Clyro before I'll have to look them up. Also, I found out that I had a hidden track that was being automated with a phase reverse on the gtrs??? I don't remember doing that but maybe I was going for the phase trick. Who knows lol? But thats where my problem was coming from. Since then I went back and fixed that and some other things during the chorus.

Callum, I'm normally take too long on my mixes and feel like forcing myself to make quicker decision has defintly helped lately. Also mixing in mono!!!!

Alright Heres the updated version with the phase reverse removed.