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Full Version: Sleep By The Fire, Bloom In Water by Forkupines
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Hi guys!

So here's my vision of that song, I'd say it's rather classic approach, no fancy things,
but I believe this is what this song needed.

I listened to some other mixes, and you guys are awesome! I've no idea how it's possible to have so many ideas to one piece of music...

Anyways, I hope you're gonna like this, comment please Smile

Hi there! Nice mix yours too Wink. The first thing that surprises me is that u choose to put the clean guitar on the left...as beeing just 1 guitar the usual should be to put it in the center...otherwise seems a little weird but i guess that's more an artistic choice than any other thing.

You should also check for some resonances on the bass like at 1:16 is very clear.

The Snare could have a bit more attack but that's the tricky part of this song. But dont worry, u got the same sound as 90% of the ppl.

The toms could have a little more work too, add a bit low end, a cut around 900hz and little boost around 4-5khz....And then add a bit of reverb to the drums so it doesnt sound too dry.

Lastly try using a bit of compression on ur master, it'll make the whole sound tighter as now it sounds a bit loose.


Thanks for the feedback!

I really don't think that anything in music may be "usual", so I rather listen to my ears (well said, isn't it?).
Vocal was choking a bit when the guitars were centered, so I panned 'em.

I had a loooot problems with drums, snare the most, I see why the samples were needed Big Grin
Frankly I didn't play with toms at all, I just don't, it's my laziness, now I applied your advices, hope it's better.
I added also some reverb, but it's hard to keep the drums in balance with the song then, they are just banging as hell, so I guess it's too late for adding such things.

As for compression I didn't want to use any on master as I don't have any proper master comp, but I worked a bit on it and maybe it'll satisfy you Big Grin

Tell me guys what you think!
You are getting there. Now the song sounds a little more tight yeah. But the drums i cant say that i quite like them hehe, sorry ^,^ยก ...It's the tricky part of this song. You gotta phase check the tracks carefully, there's a few surprises there. As for the snare, the ones that sound the best are the ones that have been replaced. At least you got a step closer Wink !!