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Hi everyone,
this is my mix for the song Sleep by the fire, bloom in water
any comment is welcome!

Hey there! Well u got there a nice mix. As mainly everything but the drums in this song is quite easy to work with it's relatively easy to get that Wink . To my taste there could be a bit more of low end. What i see wrong is:

1st. U have pushed the mix way too loud so it distorts, check from 2:03 to 2:35, it's pretty clear there.

2nd. The compressor you have on ur master is working wrong. It works quite fast and with the kick drum making the whole mix swing up and down when it hits. U can reset ur comp so it works if u are ok with the loudness of ur kick (wich i find ok, but maybe i like loud kicks hehe) or push back the kick so it doesnt make the comp work like that....I presonally will try the 1st one and then the 2nd if that doesnt work, but it's up to you.

It'd be nice to check phasing issues with the snare as it may have a lil bit weird resonance around 450 hz...

Hope that helps Smile

I Ak3r,
thanks for your advice.

don't listen to Ak3r (sorry Ak3r, no offense.). Your low end is fine. Bass and kick are separated nicely and both is in a good balance with the mix.
He's right in terms of your tracks distortion and master compression.
There is a resonance on the snare, but it's not that heavy and as a drummer I'd say that a snare deserves to sing a little Smile

Keep it up!
(21-10-2015, 02:41 PM)kappe307 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi everyone,
this is my mix for the song Sleep by the fire, bloom in water
any comment is welcome!


Hi kappe307,

I like your mix. The kick has a nice amount of weught, but it's a little too loud in the balance for my taste. Nice stereo spread on the entire kit. I think you've used mostly the original kit snare tracks, like me and a few others here. And, we all suffer for our madness, if that includes you, I haven't been able to get the right snare sound, like most who used the raw tracks. Your's sounds like this too. Too much trash on the tail and a little tubby. I'm not giving up though! Smile
There's a nice separation going on with the guitars too. They're a bit toppy and lacking in the low mids to upper lows for me. Not that thay are thin but frequency-wise it seems unblanced top to bottom, not an even spread for me. I like where the kick and bass sit and how they are separaed, but as I tell everyone I really dig that edgy amp sound and I've always tried to bring that out and keep the direct sound for low end body the edgy track for character, I think you might want to give that a try too. The vocal fx in the last pre just didn't work for me. That's a lot of comments I've just made but I think most of them are in-line with this is a really good sounding mix. Smile
Great work and thanks for sharing.
Kick - I think you can find and cut one frequency which make it sounds floppy (i think it caused by 2-bus processing like compressor/limiter).
Distortion - if you planned this to sound like death magnetic, than it is fine (really, I'm not kidding). If not - than you should correct it.
Ther is strange effect in 0:53 - is sounds like drummer dropped into well Smile Maybe try to make it sound wider in stereo, but not so deep and audibly? Same with vocal on bridge. Probably matter of taste Wink
Kick and bass are interlocked together nicely. Hope it helps somehow.