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Full Version: "Sleep By The Fire, Bloom In Water"
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tight! Maybe the snare is a bit loud and I'm hearing some resonances around 2400hz at the vox, but I'm not sure. I love the dry in-your-face-feel of the drumkit.
Thank You!... Yah i prefer my wav file over this one. I was in shock after i converted my mix to mp3...i couldn't believe how much it changed this mix. I would donate money to this site just to be able to upload wav files. Were all judging each other on mp3's. But then again if that's how everyone is listening to music...it just sucks at times. Angry
Hi there! Well i think u can upload wav files as there is no storage limit, i think i read that somewhere. The reason why ppl uploads mp3, as it said in the forum somewhere, is so if someone has a slow connection they wont take years to download a file. For what i see there must be something on the settings of the software u r using to convert ur wav to mp3 as ur file is only 4.5mb when usually if u take a look at the rest of the mixes this song is about 7-8 mb...That can explain pretty well where you are losing all the quality of your mix. I hope that it helps Smile


I agree with Ak3r, plus a downsampled mp3 doesn't change the mix balance which is what I criticized in your mix.. try bouncing the song as 320kbps mp3 again. And rebalancing your mix Tongue
Believe it or not Ak this 4. mb sounds better then another one i did at 8mb straight from the daw...which is why i am puzzled. I was happy that it sounded closer to the wav file but couldn't figure out how it did that with less information. Maybe someone here knows why that is. As i'm writing this i think i need to try something in my daw now...just to see if i get the same results. It's cool that you caught that...i did as well but my ears had to keep the one that i thought sounded less harsh.
I once listened to four versions of a Radiohead song - 128kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps and uncompresses wav.
The 128 sounded best because some clipping at high frequencies wasn't audible at that sample rate. Check clipping and distortion levels on your mix... your wav bounce should sound best, followed by 320kbps mp3
It shouldn't clip if your wav file doesn't. Check your settings... and check if there's any clipping if you add a limiter to your mastering bus with 0,1db headroom
I've tried a few things now and i keep getting the same results ...i'll keep trying to figure this one out. Thanks everyone for all your feedback!
Just try to upload the wav file so we can figure it out.... Wink
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