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Full Version: 401K MixXX - Sleep By The Fire, Bloom In Water
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First off, I have to say that all of these tracks sounded great to begin with! This was a fun song to mix, and I really think I captured the artist's vibe on the tracks. Did it late at night just for fun. Not to sure how well its gonna translate to other system's, but i mixed it only on my AKG's through a Schitt amplifier, and did a few test's with some 8" Sony's. Please comment what you think! Smile
That's a slick mix, man! Maybe the drums are a bit punchy and the hihat cuts through a bit too much, but that's just my opinion. A round and nice mix Smile
Nice mix! really punchy and a nice bottom end! only criticism is the breakdown vocals is so quiet you can't hear them and the chorus vocals could be louder

Apart from that, your mix absolutely shits all over mine!

Best one I've heard!