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Full Version: Forkupines - Sleep By The Fire... (CRMC Mix)
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Love this song! was so excited to hear the producer was giving us another Forkupines track, absolutely loved mixing Semantics

Anyway here is my mix, would love some feedback!


EDIT: I've uploaded another version with a few automation changes that I felt that was needed with levels etc
Wow, nice work! My favorite so far. I love the editing. Distortion on the vocals, some dramatic breaks and so on. Awesome!
Thanks man! really jealous that you've got to work with a band like Forkupines. I love messing around with distortion on vocals, probably one of my favourite techniques to use Smile
I'm a little shocked at wurst on this one, and certainly in disagreement! haha

Sorry Callum, but it sounds too muddied up--seems very heavy in the 200Hz range and below. There is like a wet blanket over the mix on the whole. If you cut back on the low low mids, or accentuated the midrange on the whole, I think this would be a winner.

To best describe this to my ears, it sounds like what I'd expect to hear in the car, on a bassy system, with the highs and lows boosted and the mids cut per the standard auto EQ! lol

At around 2:15 when the break is approaching, it sounds perfect, like you opened things up all of a sudden, and at around 2:50 it is close again. Obviously you used the duller overall plan to accentuate that power, but I think it goes too far.

Thank you for your reply Grizwalter, I always appreciate feedback

I'll be totally honest with you, I don't understand what you meant, when you said:

"At around 2:15 when the break is approaching, it sounds perfect, like you opened things up all of a sudden, and at around 2:50 it is close again. Obviously you used the duller overall plan to accentuate that power, but I think it goes too far"

To me, this makes no sense?

With your concern with there being at lot of 200Hz in my mix, I could put this down to what you're monitoring with and where you are monitoring, I've listen to your mix of this song and your mix, while it is a very good and clear mix, is lacking very severely in bottom end. So this makes me suspect you're having a monitoring problem, I'd love know what you listened to my mix on?

Again thank you for your feedback

I use KRK Rokit 8s, and I would suggest it is quite the opposite--that your system isn't giving you a good indication of bass response.

I used Ozone 6 in mastering this with referenced EQ against some big name bands (Green Day, Foo Fighters, et. al.), and my bass response is fine. Note that in a recent mixing tutorial, they discussed mixing this type of music and the need to cut a lot of the bass out due to the fact that the bass guitar actually acts like the low mid for the guitars.

When I talk about your tune opening up around 2:15, I mean the overall timbre literally comes wide open and sounds just right across the spectrum, rather than muddy.

Anyway, we can agree to disagree. I could have, I admit, given my mix more bass without doing harm I'm sure, but to me this tune did not warrant it.

Also, I think it is important to note that one could listen to 10 different songs and hear 10 completely different mixes, all appropriate and fine; some would be bassier and some tinnier. However, it isn't the amount of bass or lack thereof to me as much as whether it seems to yank something out to the listener, and this song needs a lot more punch in the upper mids relative to a lot of low end due to the style/genre.
I have to agree with grizwalter here.
I've gone back into my session and yes, I do hear that there is some 200Hz 'mud' and when it I cut it slightly, it does clean up the session some what but around there (from what I can hear) is where a lot of the weight of the snare and bass comes from there, so that would maybe explain why and in turn I find it takes some energy out of the song. Like you said, you believed the song didn't warrant bottom end like mine, but since this is a rock song and (for me) one of the most important aspects is the bottom end, for me taste wise as well it's has a gritty, unpolished vibe so it should sound a bit muddy etc

in regards to your monitor set-up, I hope you didn't think I was being arrogant or aggressive, as we all know that not having your monitors set up correctly can lead to bad bass response and so I asked, as this could affected your judgement, obviously I don't know your set up, so I can only assume Tongue
Well, no offense, but grizwalter is having a point. There bottom end is a wall of sound. But he could have said that in a nicer way.
The mix sounds a bit overloaded in the bottom end, that's true. But it's not that dramatic in my point of view.
Definitely no reason to blame equipment or be cocky about something for anyone.
I like this mix because of the creative editing and use of effects. It's a bit bass heavy, but really solid!
Hey guys, I apologize if I made my comment too aggressively or in a mean-spirited way. I can assure it was not intended that way at all. It is hard to criticize people's hard work, so I tend to just strap myself in and get right too it, which I can understand may seem abrasive.

I was mostly trying to say that, for this style of music (Punk Rock/Grunge as it is self-proclaimed), bass mid range and harmonics are really critical, and we all know that the more low and subs which are added, the less prevalent those mids become.

Look up Green Day's "When I Come Around" online, and I think you'll see what I mean.

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