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Full Version: Sleep by the Fire, Bloom in Water - Forkupines
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It's been a long while, and I was looking forward to doing a mix so here's my go Smile
nice one, love it!
Pretty damned solid mix whoosh!

Only thing I'd suggest is that you figure out a way to get the kick to be more prevalent. The bass isn't quite connecting with it as I'd expect. There is a bit much overall upper mid range relative to the low mids I think, but that's not a big deal and not a super big issue in the mix anyway.

Good job overall sir!
Thank you kindly! I do agree on the kick, I tried to stay away from the obvious "klick" and ended up with something that needs a little work indeed. Good ear on the lower mids, I turned those down a notch to get it all a little tighter and make the guitars stick out.