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Uncle Dad - Who I Am Mix By Dom
20-05-2014, 11:44 PM
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Uncle Dad - Who I Am Mix By Dom
Hi! here is my mix for this nice country song. I'm not a real country fan so my mix might not be balanced like a real country song. I've used some Alan Jackson, Darius Rucker as refenrences tracks.

I didn't do that much with this song since it was well recorded. Only some basic EQ like Hi-Pass Filter on almost each instruments.

For the drum, I sent all close drum to a bus that I compressed and eq to help glued everything togheter. I also compressed the kick and snare to give them more attack.

For the bass I Hi-pass it a 55hz to give some space to my kick drum and I also removed 4dB between 150hz and 280hz to remove some mud.

For the guitars I Hi-pass them at 103hz so they are not fighting with the bass. For the stereo guitar I hi-pass it at 108hz and removed almost 6dbs at 290hz

My vocals are hi-pass at 110hz and I cuted some low mid on the lead vocal and added 4 db at 6K to give some prescence. I also compressed them a bit to give them some body.

On my main bus I've got 2 compressor compressing 1db each and ML4000 for pseudo mastering.

What you guys think about the mix? Any comments will be appreciated.


Btw, sorry for my english...

.mp3   Uncle Dad Who I am Mix 3.mp3 --  (Download: 6.8 MB)

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