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Kamikase Mix
14-09-2012, 07:56 PM
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Kamikase Mix

Here goes my mix.
Nice tune.

.mp3   Andrew Cole ยท Dead Roses.mp3 --  (Download: 7.32 MB)

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16-09-2012, 09:23 AM (This post was last modified: 16-09-2012 09:24 AM by KMNX8RS.)
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RE: Kamikase Mix
Well First things first....

Since there is no "mixing truth" anything I say is as right as it is wrong, Free advice is worth what you pay for it.
Here is my worthless advice, I will discuss it in the order I build my mixes.

I feel like something isn't quite right, Snare seems just a touch to loud to me throughout the song.
and the electric guitar track could be louder. And the vocals don't sit on top of the song.

I believe you were shooting for a airy mix as the vocals in particular seem to have that quality and to me lack some body. The piano's could be a bit brighter, A (I'm guessing here) 3dB shelf could do magic to that sound.
The acoustic guitars are very bright, very bright. If it was a denser arrangement I would see this to be a bit more justified but there isn't too much going on here (ac guit, electric guit, Drums, Piano, Bass, Vocals).

Effects and processing:
I'll start at the electric guit here, I'm not quite sure what would work best after going through the other things. but the electric would certainly benefit from a slight lift in decay time/level. It could be done by automation/compression/verb/delay. I would say try them all and see what works best ( prob a combination of 2 of those techniques). However this lack of tail will probably be partially fixed by raising the level.
But those vocals (again), especially Andrew's vocal cries for a de-esser, A problem probably caused by the EQ-ing for airyness. as soon as a "Ss" comes out there is this tail that flies out and hits you in the face. There are several ways to fix this one, Boost the "Ss" freq in the compressor side-chain (the first if you use more) Add a de-esser, use EQ to make a cut in the "Ss" freq.

a listener should be able to pick-out a lead instrument at any moment in the song. Your mix lacks that, add some volume and panning automation to your tracks. but be gentle it shouldn't be noticeable (well not for this song)

There is prob some back and forward in these steps as EQ'ing and other processors can change the apparent level of a track so rebalancing will be neccesary.

I am not as experienced as all the other guys out here but I believe that for a airy vocal to work there should be a good full-bodied bed of bass to midrange present. with especially a very deep "taut" and dry bass.
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17-09-2012, 04:54 AM
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RE: Kamikase Mix
As far as it sounds actually quite good, as sounds only slightly offset, the snare is not properly running Beat slightly apart.
For me, the piano sounds a bit nasal.
I have heard the previewmix yet, let's see what strikes me as even when I compare your mix with it.


Ps: Sorry for my english
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