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About This Multitrack
14-04-2012, 06:46 PM
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About This Multitrack
You can find the multitrack files for this project in the 'Mixing Secrets' Free Multitrack Download Library.

Before posting a mix, please read The Three Commandments!
Please post your mix as a new thread, rather than as a reply to this sticky.

Here's some more project info you might find useful:
  • About The Raw Multitracks:
    • The main drum take comprises a main stereo overhead pair plus mono close mics for kick, rimshot, and hi-hat. In addition, there's a separate snare overdub with over- and under-snare close mics, as well as what sounds like a cymbal sample edited out of a full mix.
    • The bass is just a DI, and then there are four electric guitar parts: three rhythm and one lead.
    • The organ 'bubbles' have been recorded to two tracks, one each for the left-hand and right-hand parts.
    • The two piano parts are both from sampled instruments.
    • As far as vocals go, there are only two parts, a lead line and a backing line. However, I've also included the four raw takes from which the lead line was comped so you can experiment with comping it for yourself if you wish.
  • Challenges You're Likely To Face:
    • One of the main things with this set of multitracks is that their tone mostly doesn't match the kind of modern roots-style sound that the band were looking for. Mostly the parts are quite muffled, although the kick and guitars feel, on the contrary, rather too thin and bright.
    • The lead vocal's tone varies quite a lot from moment to moment, which makes solidifying its position in the final balance a bit trickier.
    • Vintage-style delay/reverb effects are a big part of this kind of music, so you may need to do a bit of hunting through your plug-in collection before you find something suitably characterful.
  • Some Mixing Tips:
    • Because you're likely to need heavy equalisation here, the character of the specific EQ you use will become more important than it might normally be, so choose each EQ carefully to suit its mixdown purpose.
    • A single high-quality master-buss EQ will save you a lot of time dialling in the same kinds of EQ curves on every channel.
    • If you don't have much choice in terms of vintage-style delay/reverb effects on your DAW system, check out my budget-friendly suggestions here and here.
    • I remixed this song for Sound On Sound's November 2011 'Mix Rescue' column, which not only shows how I approached this band's recordings myself in practice, but also includes a selection of audio files demonstrating the effects of some of my processing and layering decisions. The full Reaper remix project for this Mix Rescue is also available to download here.

If you have any other general questions about this multitrack, just reply to this post and I'll see what I can do.

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27-06-2018, 02:34 PM
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RE: About This Multitrack
Hi! Where could I contact the artist so I can ask for the right to use the song on my mixing/mastering portfolio on my website? Thank you.
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