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The Penniless Wild: 'Seat Back'_mix Tommy M.
14-08-2019, 07:37 PM (This post was last modified: 14-08-2019 07:57 PM by tjmtruth.)
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The Penniless Wild: 'Seat Back'_mix Tommy M.

Okay! Here's the scoop on this: I wanted to keep the lead vocals as meaty as I could because that's the kind of voice the lead singer has.....a nice deep and meaty sounding voice. My goal was to keep as much of that as possible. Too much high-pass filtering was not the way to go with his great sounding voice! So, a ton of plugins and lots of manual wav editing of the plosives was necessary. Vocals sit nice now. I think and he sounds like a rock singer, as he should. :-)

The next big concern was that floor tom track. It had a lot of bleed and the tom rang out too much. I tried to sound-replace the floor tom but it just wasn't going to work because of the subtle hits he did and then the loud hits on the cymbal near the mic. So, plan B.....a combination of eq, compression, gating, and other stuff was necessary to give the toms a nice punch but without making the mix muddy or cluttered. In other words, I wanted to hear those toms playing loud and proud but not gumming up the works, etc. Also, I don't like too much reverb and that 2nd guitar track was just saturated with reverb and delay. I couldn't do much about that so I kept it in the distance and otherwise kept the bulk of the mix kind of "up front" without too many effects. Finally, sections of the vocals were off-key....had to correct all that too. I think I achieved my goals here....put a lot of work into this one!

These live recorded tracks are always a challenge and I welcome them because it's a great learning experience and an invaluable chance to practice the craft. Hope you all like it.


.mp3   Seat Back_5M.mp3 --  (Download: 10.26 MB) - Tommy Marcinek
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