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FytaKyte - Bitter [Mixed by Carlos Campos]
17-05-2019, 06:36 PM
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FytaKyte - Bitter [Mixed by Carlos Campos]
Hi, here's my mix for this song. Hope you like it. Please, any feedback really appreciated. Cheers!!

.mp3   FytaKyte - Bitter [Mixed by Carlos Campos].mp3 --  (Download: 8.41 MB)

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19-05-2019, 12:52 AM
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RE: FytaKyte - Bitter [Mixed by Carlos Campos]
Hi Carlos, I like the originality in your mix - you have some interesting ideas going on, and a very different perspective on the production. Even though it varies greatly from the intent of the original production, I like how you made the choruses work while featuring the keys and acoustic, rather than the guitars. Kudos for trying something different.

Mixwise, there are a few issues:
- The lead vocals sound a little muddy/boxy and could also use a little brightening in the top end - Mostly just a case of some reductive eq there.
- The kick drum sounds very "clicky". In fact the beater sound from the kick is louder than the hi-hat. The inside kick mic is usually the culprit here - maybe try turning it down or rolling off some top.
- The acoustic guitar desperately needs some more appropriate eq and compression to make it work in such a prominent role as you've placed it in the mix. At present, it has an overly prominent high midrange and almost no body in the lower mids. This is giving it a "hollow" sound that reminds me a bit of a DI acoustic, rather than one that has been mic'd. Because the high mids in the acoustic seem to have been emphasised, this is where most of the "spiky" and uneven pick transients live frequency-wise. De-emphasising the high mids will help to alleviate that a lot, but using faster attack compression, or maybe even a ("transient designer"-style plugin) can also help to tame pick transients and bring the musically valuable tone of the acoustic guitar further forward.
Due to the fact that the verse acoustic is played arpeggio style, whereas the chorus is strummed, it is also a good idea to "mult" the acoustic guitar tracks. That way, the chorus and verse acoustic guitars can have different processing to obtain the optimum sound for each respective playing style.
- Overall, the mix soundstage feels very crowded in the centre during the choruses. You might be able to achieve a little more width and clarity with some thoughtful panning of the backing vocals.

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