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Broken Man
12-03-2019, 10:19 PM
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Broken Man
Did the remix while finding my feet with the Cubase Pro 10 upgrade. Wish I'd done the upgrade 8 years ago Big Grin

I'd like to have a bash at making some backing vocals with the new Vari3 engine and explore some harmonies, but I need a break. I found this to be quite a problematic arrangement.

.m4a   BrokenMan-s28CU10-MonkReMix.m4a --  (Download: 10.87 MB)

Does hearing impairment encourage hypercompressed distorted mixmasters and frequency bias in regions affected (eg upper mids, treble)? What good is referencing and monitors if the mixmaster or client can't hear well?
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13-03-2019, 04:44 PM
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RE: Broken Man
Cool trick with the last line! I really liked the sound and arrangement of the choruses. Drums might be a little too loud in the second and third, making the track look a little emptier than it is, but we're talking decimals here. Really dig it.

The last vocal "delay" line (you know, the "never come"s, "come and gone/undone"?s) in the first refrain (the one by the lead) are the only thing I'd revisit in an otherwise very interesting, very personal approach (it made me fancy watching "Gravity"). I can't tell if it's because the line is one too many, or maybe it's it being cleaner and more present than the inmediate previous repetition (the one sang by the BVs), or maybe all it needs is some stronger reverb.

I'm not so sure with the verses, thou. Too light against the dense refrains, I understand you're looking for contrast but the verses end up feeling... undercooked? (like too much tension release might be no better than no releasing at all) and then kinda too manipulated at the same time (chopping the beat in the second verse might get overdone after the first stop and dropping the piano in the middle eight feels too drastic, but then it's debatable if it makes sense to judge arrangement choices, since the expected audiences shouldn't know the raws like we do here).
What I think one can tell wheter you know or not the insides of the track, is that the choruses sound better in general, with punch and gravitas the verses have not, like it was 2 mixes edited together, if that makes sense to you?
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23-03-2019, 04:52 PM
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RE: Broken Man
really cool...
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