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lmat mixes
04-02-2019, 10:54 PM
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lmat mixes
Attached is my attempt at mixing this piece.

I tried to keep the sound natural, but I wanted more from the guitar percussion. I boosted the bass and treble of the guitar, but didn't boost the middle range to make space for the saxophone.

I considered applying compression to the sax part, but it didn't sound good at all, so I left it natural without even fader automation. This being a fairly straightforward jazz recording, I wanted to keep it natural.

Likewise, I tried to pick a natural reverberation setting to warm up the sound.

I got rid of most of the inputs: one sax mic was much too dark for me; guitar direct input wasn't helpful at all with all the percussion, the far guitar mic didn't add anything...I went with a close sax mic and a close (stereo) guitar mic only. This approach also should reduce any comb filtering effects.

Let me know if you think any of my decisions are misguided, or if you hear anything amiss in my mix!

It was a well done recording and easy to work with.

.mp3   summertime_r1.mp3 --  (Download: 2.53 MB)

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23-02-2019, 01:40 AM
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RE: lmat mixes
Really nice mix, man, very chill. I tried to do similar thing to the guitars.

The low range is present, and it gives it's punch, but in the mid range volume is a bit low overall, which is bad for natural dynamic range and the instruments seem a bit absent at certain points of the mix.

Alternatively - this mix would work perfectly with vocals, that would fill up the pocket in mid range and would be established as a leading tone of the composition, thus being the main dynamic axis of the mix.

I am not much of a pro, but i've heard a million times that "you gotta have the center of your mix, the main thing that grabs attention and holds the composition together" and "every instrument should sound full and shine throughout"

BTW, hit it hard with some L2 yo, fixes everything =D
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08-04-2019, 08:08 PM
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RE: lmat mixes
Thanks for the response. Makes sense I was missing some mids; I didn't do much EQ at all. Glad you like your L2s!
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