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Iron Sheik - Quick evening headphone mix
13-01-2019, 11:49 PM
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Iron Sheik - Quick evening headphone mix
Fun little number. Biggest challenge here was the guitars in my opinion. The recorded tone wasn't ideal, I couldn't get them to sit in a spot without sounding whack.

But anyway, here's my take on it. Mixed on headphones with my feet up lol. Enjoy.


.mp3   I Forgot the Name of the Song Mixed.mp3 --  (Download: 5.17 MB)

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02-02-2019, 12:18 PM
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RE: Iron Sheik - Quick evening headphone mix
Hey Pasta,

Sounds really good and super punchy!

Can I ask how you got the drums to pop like this? The toms are just a tiny bit over the tom to me (almost 80s hair metal ahah) but it fits super well, not sure how you did that I'd love to know Big Grin

Nice touch the "telephone vocals" on the bridge section.

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02-02-2019, 05:00 PM
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RE: Iron Sheik - Quick evening headphone mix

I just went back and took a look at the project (took me a while to find it, it was sitting in the recycle bin haha) and it looks like I tried out some fun tricks here.

Oh and by the way, I totally agree the toms are over the top listening to them now.

The bass drum was pretty simple, I cut around 5dB at both 230 and 680Hz and just shelved the top end by +12dB from 2.5K upwards. Then hit an 1176, slow attack, fast release, 4:1 ratio for anywhere between 3 and 7dB of compression.

I probably would have wanted a super bright snare but there's a ton of cymbal bleed when you boost the top end on this recording, so this is where I got weird with it. I EQ'd the snare to where I'd want it (ignoring the bleed for now), boosting 15dB at 6.1K, 8dB at 3.4K and 5dB at around 200Hz. Then added a tiny bit more top and bottom with a different EQ. Then I duplicated the track with the same EQ applied. On the duplicate track I added a compressor before the EQs that basically just squashes down completely whenever the snare is hit (I'll add a screenshot for this), and an EQ at the and of the chain that filters out most of the body of the snare. I then flipped the phase on the duplicate, essentially cancelling out most of the cymbal bleed above like 1KHz when played together with the original.
This is sort of like an alternative to gating. Personally I don't like the sound of gated drums, especially when there's a good amount of cymbal bleed. You get that nasty "chhh" sound when the gate opens.
Anyway, after that I compressed the snare tracks together, slow attack, medium release for around 5dB of compression, and clipped them slightly so they pop out more in the mix without the actual transient registering too high.
I also blended in a roomy sample to sort of fill in the gaps and add a little more consistency, but it's like 20% of the sound when blended.

I used the same trick for the bleed on the toms after chopping up the tracks. On all toms I cut quite a lot of mids at roughly 250 and 700Hz, and gently high passed them, the frequency depending on the tuning. And boosted a bit at 6-7KHz. No compression on the tracks themselves but I did clip them slightly, like the snare.

I sent all the close mics to a parallel compression bus, running a Fairchild 670 emulation into an EQ boosting around 2.5dB at 65Hz and 8KHz.

Last thing really is a short room reverb that I sent the snare and toms to to add some sustain.

I think a decent clipping limiter for drum mics is so useful in rock music. It just allows you to get them really gut-punching. Honestly I feel like it's such a good tool I probably could have just said "use a clipper on the drums" instead of writing this haha, assuming you're not already using one.

Hope this helps!

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03-02-2019, 03:13 AM
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RE: Iron Sheik - Quick evening headphone mix
Oh wow thanks for taking the time to describe everything, I'm still discovering lots every day so I'm going to write it down and try it out!

Awesome tricks you used, very very cool, I don't like gated drums either. Thanks for the screenshot!

I think I'm still at that stage where my mix can sound "ok" but are lacking excitement and a bit of personality.

For the bleed I wish they had had the drummer hit the snare, kick and toms once on their own and provided the samples but it's a great training, I usually take away some high end from the overheads and room mics to compensate (in this instance I think the drummer was smashing the cymbals like there's no tomorrow ahah).

Thanks again, very appreciated!
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11-02-2019, 01:01 PM
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RE: Iron Sheik - Quick evening headphone mix
Very cool mix! Everything sounds punchy and sits like it should - Nice!

Links to some of my recent mixes:
Iron Sheik
Band Website:
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12-02-2019, 03:36 AM
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RE: Iron Sheik - Quick evening headphone mix
Thanks, Chief! I appreciate you taking a listen.
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