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Punchy, saturated, clear, freaking loud
10-01-2019, 04:59 PM
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Punchy, saturated, clear, freaking loud
I found many problems during the post production of this track, using my typical mixing technique so, instead of trying to keep a nice headroom of about 12 Db. I opted for a more destructive and saturated mix while keeping the overall clarity. There's much work to do, and I don't have some proper bookshelf monitors or acoustic treatment in my room, but I'm here to learn. Here's the product of about a day and a half of work

.mp3   Still Flyin Charles Kendl ReMix.mp3 --  (Download: 10.61 MB)

Focusrite 18i20 - Kali L6 - Bose 161 - Yamaha dvr s 120 - Klark Teknik kt2a - Art Pro VLA II
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28-01-2019, 12:56 PM
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RE: Punchy, saturated, clear, freaking loud
Yo, so the mix sounds pretty good on the whole, but all of the vocals apart from the screaming part and the soft part that follows are like 2 beats ahead of where they should be. Give mine a quick listen if you're not sure where they should line up.

As far as the sound, I like the interplay between the bass and kick, they sound great together, but they are a little dominating. I think just a little more work could be done on the balance to fill everything in and create a bigger sound.
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