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Childress: Slow Down
04-12-2018, 04:54 AM
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Childress: Slow Down
I am extremely new to mixing and mastering so like this is only my 2nd real mix and my 1st try at mastering.

I want to get better and I know that this is not the best mix out there. So I want to get feedback on what I should do differently and how I should do it.

I used protools to mix and I used ozone 8 to master

I just want to get better and so I would love your feedback

Thank you!


.mp3   KATIE BEEBE FINAL MASTER mp3.mp3 --  (Download: 7.02 MB)

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06-12-2018, 12:24 PM
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RE: Childress: Slow Down
Your low end (specially bass) has has a stereo thing that could be coming from too much room track, or Ozone multiband stereo trickery or something. I'm not one for dogmatic rules, but in general everything works better when you keep your kick/bass mono and in the middle of the mix. I'm listening on headphones though, so it could be less of a thing on speakers (it might be even worse yet, if there are phase problems).
As it is, you just can't make space for the piano and everything feels confusing and bloated, like when you go to those friends' place and they just shouldn't have bought that subwoofer.

The backing vocals sound really well, specially because they shouldn't (not very well recorded)! Balances are not bad, it just needs to pinpoint what is creating the problems and a reasonable amount of corrective EQ to roll down all those frequencies you don't need.

Besides the bass stereo problem, it seems as if you just put too much weight on the right side: guitar, a little of the snare, the hat (that could work better a few dB's softer). But it might be less of an issue once you monoed the bass. Still, opposite panning one of those things should compensate nicely.

Bienvenido and good luck!
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