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I Am Cassettes: 'Believe' (Studio One)
11-11-2018, 02:26 PM
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I Am Cassettes: 'Believe' (Studio One)
Hello everyone! Thank you for the opportunity to work on this beautiful song. I mixed with Presonus Studio One and used Slate Trigger to beef up the drums.

.mp3   I Am Cassettes - Believe(jameswoo).mp3 --  (Download: 8.69 MB)

Presonus Studio One v4
Slate Everything
Audient iD4
Beyerdynamic Dt 990
AE Aego M
EVE 307
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15-11-2018, 11:57 AM
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RE: I Am Cassettes: 'Believe' (Studio One)
Very good mix, JamesWoo. The vocal is super nice, albeit a little too much on the verb and a bit too loud relatively to the whole mix, imo. I hear a lot of lo-mid/mid in your mix making your mix a bit bong-y, coming especially from the bass and the kick. That makes your mix a little less enjoyable, at least to me, I am sorry to say. If you have to cut around that region (100Hz-250Hz seem reasonable, but tread carefully around the 100's for they are where most instruments' fundamentals live), I think you should cut from the bass instead of the kick. (There is a good reason behind it). I'd take a look at the verb too since it can be a contributor to the mud. (I usually HP the verb all the way up to, lord have mercy, 6-700Hz). The verb on the snare is quite nice but too long for a certain parts (maybe take a look at the decay time and automate?). The toms are also loaded with lo-mid. From 2:00-on I dont hear any gtrs on that drop. They set the part up. They are the power that bring the song to its climax. Good lord, I hate that word. It reminds me of my sweet sweet time with my now... ex-girlfriend. Sigh. but I digress. I think you should bring them faders all the way up to 11 bro. Let it rock! Smile.
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15-11-2018, 02:03 PM
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RE: I Am Cassettes: 'Believe' (Studio One)
Very, very nice mix. Smile
You did what every engineer needs to be in the first place, with your mix you followed and amplified the emotions that the song should deliver to the listener. If the message is clear and if for just a moment you get lost in the song, as I did while I listened to your mix, believe me, the average listener will not care for any frequencies that a bit strut. Wink
I also like how you made the depth and ambience. Good jobSmile
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