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James May Hold On You (part of 3 song medley)
09-11-2018, 08:05 PM
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James May Hold On You (part of 3 song medley)
I originally worked on this song a few years ago when I was getting my gears in tact. I really love this artist and wanted to revisit a few songs with some gear upgrades along with the Harrison Mixbus. I feel the Harrison sound matches Mr. May's beautiful music and I was inspired to get how I heard the organic nature of his music in my mind, into tangible mix/masters. Here's a 3 song medley of James May in 24-bit wav (the compressed file would be to large to post to the forum).

24-bit 44.1 master file:

Please use a 64-bit audiophile level player such as Bitperfect or Audirvana+ for full fidelity bit-to-bit accurate playback.

1) Hold On You
2) Don't Let Go
3) All Souls Moon
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