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05-08-2012, 11:31 PM
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Great song!..Please feel free to comment.


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23-08-2012, 10:29 PM
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From the prespective of balance, you've already done a respectable job here, and the overall tonality is pretty good too, notwithstanding a bit more prominence in the 2-3kHz region than I think's right for this kind of style. The main room for improvement here, I think, is in terms of effects use, because although I can hear everything I want to musically, it could all sound quite a bit sweeter, I imagine.

The main thing I'd look to add would be a short ambience of some kind, if you're not particularly enamoured of the sound of longer reverbs (as many engineers, myself included, aren't in general). This would allow you to tackle the sense I have at the moment of the mix being two-dimensional -- there's no real depth dimension. Applying different amounts of ambience to different instruments gives you a way to push them to different distances away from the listener, as well as giving them a feeling of having been performed in the same room at the same time (assuming you're using a shared send-effect).

This effect will almost certainly also give you more stereo width, which is something else I miss in your version, but if not, then try cracking open the panning a bit further, experimenting with some Haas delays perhaps, or trying some other subtle modulation/widening treatments.

You may also find that a bit of surreptitious tempo-sync'ed delay may help to fill out and warm up the overall sound of the ensemble too.

Hope those suggestions are of some use!

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