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Into My Dreams - Shon`s Mix
24-07-2017, 08:23 PM
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Into My Dreams - Shon`s Mix
Well here is my mix of this great tune. It is the most challenging song I've worked on so far just because of the sheer size and scope of the vision. I hope you enjoy it, I had a lot of fun working on it!


.mp3   Into My Dreams - Shon\'s Mix.mp3 --  (Download: 30.15 MB)

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31-07-2017, 01:05 PM
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RE: Into My Dreams - Shon`s Mix
Hi Shon, I'm Florian, drummer of Perpetual Escape. Thank you for mixing our music Smile

Here's my feedback on your mix:

- Drums: your biggest issue here is the compression. They are overcompressed and are pumping. The overheads and the snare are totally squashed. The kick does not breathe and sound very constricted. These toms can stand a lot of compression so back it off a little bit on them and they will be fine.
They sound quite loud, taking a lot of space in your mix.

- Bass: it's a bit masked by the kick. They could have a better relationship, using for example complementary EQ. Choose which one will be below the other and set your EQ accordingly.

- Guitar: they sound quite aggressive, yet very thin and pretty distant. I barely recognize the rhythm guitars. Did you use any reference mix ? I would strongly suggest you use one or two while mixing. They will help you to achieve a balanced mix in terms of EQ, 3D placement etc...

- Vocals: they sound very distant too. Vocals are the most important piece of any song. So they must be as polished as they can be. While some parts could benefit the use of extreme FX and reverb to emphasize certain atmosphere in this song, most of the vocals need simple moves here.
Having two lead vocals is not a common thing, but both are equally important. So I would suggest you to pan the male lead in center as the female lead is. You can use automation to change your panning, in choruses for example to keep the separation you achieved when both are singing.

- Keys: I think they don't need more than what you did. Just make sure they're at the right volume in each section.

I hope you had fun with these tracks, and I'm looking forward to hearing your revised mix.

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05-08-2017, 05:17 PM
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RE: Into My Dreams - Shon`s Mix
Hi Florian, thank you for taking the time to critique my mix. I have learned a ton while mixing this project and really appreciate you sharing your music and insights with me.
I started over from scratch on the revised mix while consulting a few chapters in Mr. Senior's book - especially the one on compression Blush
Here it is, I hope you enjoy it!


.mp3   Into My Dreams - Perpetual Escape - Shon`s Mix II Final Submission.mp3 --  (Download: 32.31 MB)

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