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My view on Dead Roses
21-08-2013, 03:37 PM
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RE: My view on Dead Roses
Thanks for the feedback mik!I will give it a listen soon!
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22-08-2013, 05:02 PM
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RE: My view on Dead Roses
Sounds good to me also.

Nice acoustic sound. I found it very difficult to make it fit sonically into this song. You've made excellent work with it.

I like the smoothness of vocals. You have nicely taken the harshness away.

I feel that the kick is slightly too strong for this genre, maybe.
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29-03-2014, 02:08 AM
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RE: My view on Dead Roses
Nice. Great balance.
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30-03-2014, 03:22 AM
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RE: My view on Dead Roses
i've just leaped over from a death metal my immediate reaction to your mix


ok, joking aside....
thanks for bringing me back to sensibility Wink

i don't wish to sound overly critical, but here are some points that might help, or hinder! hopefully the former....

i'm finding your acoustic guitars brittle and somewhat fatiguing...the RH more so than the LH but both need rolling off...which might have issues elsewhere too. i can't offer suggestions on what parameters to employ as it's not sensible, but at least flagging it up gives you a head start. post up a revision if you like (i'll subscribe and do my best to drop back in....sometimes life keeps me away for spells, so hang in there unless others comment for you of course).

the vocals? well, right at this moment, they are both standing in the same place? would you like to put a bit of separation between them? the closer they are to me/us, then the gap between them will appear greater than if they are farther away? then there's the argument/discussion about what reverb emulation to employ, pre-delays, decays, reverb EQ and all that stuff too. you are using one, but perhaps a review of settings might make their space and the perception i'm getting of where they are within it, feel a bit more informative. also another signal that helps the brain with EQ on the vocal itself. if it's closer, it will have more hi frequency content and appear brighter (i.e. have more presence). so, if you want the drums pushed back...lose some of the cymbal and fiddle with the reverb pre-delay, reducing it the more you wish to push the stuff away.

i must admit, i'm not getting the feel for where the musicians are generally, i'd have immense difficulty pointing to them. the acoustic guitars panned to extremes doesn't help, as well as being dry offer me no reference but confuse the issue. the drums sound like they are on the same spot as the i'd personally adjust this. while talking drums, i will mention the floor tom was punchy/shouty in my right ear which also suggests you've mixed the kit according to the drummer's perspective rather than the audiences. if that's the case, then technically the singers should be facing away from me? i'm perhaps now being pedantic, or am i? such mixes appear amateurish because it suggests the engineer is unable to change perspective.

regarding my joke about limiting...can i suggest you add a touch of compression on the stereo buss just to bump up the RMS a little? it would help bring out some detail as well as glue the mix. a stereo reverb on the stereo buss (before or after compression, take your pick) would also contribute to some glue and help convey that everyone is in the same space.

anyway, have fun Smile

Beware...........Cognitive Dissonance!
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