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AngelSaint by Marghe
16-07-2012, 02:34 PM
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AngelSaint by Marghe

Here's my mix of Angelsaint, please comment it, I'll be very grateful. I think I didn't do any revolutionary work on this song. What do you think?

.mp3   AngelSaint Triviul 2 16-07-14.mp3 --  (Download: 8.53 MB)

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19-07-2012, 10:16 AM
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RE: AngelSaint by Marghe
Hi marghe, and welcome to the Discussion Zone! A nice mix you've got here, with it's own unique interpretation and lots of little creative ideas. You've gone for a much smoother string sound, more like a viol consort, which is certainly one of the better approaches to this multitrack, in my view. The vocal double-track in the pre-choruses was a nice surprise. In general I'm quite enjoying hearing this one with a wider range of mix effects than on the preview mix. It's also intriguing to hear the change you've made in the overall mix dynamics of the middle section, which I'd always considered to be the climactic moment of the song, but you seem to take a more laid-back view of it here, going for the cleaner viola sound and saving more firepower for later on -- a valid judgement call, of course.

Not sure about the slapback on the chorus vocals. It's not that I don't like the general concept, it's just that I think it confuses some of the consonants a bit. Could you low-pass it perhaps to take some of the edge off it? Probably what I'd do. Overall, though, you've done a pretty good job of stopping the effects from taking over, despite some fairly long decay times in there.

I wonder whether the drums might be a little too cripsy in the upper registers too, the hi-hat in particular, but also the kick, which somehow loses a bit too much gravitas for me. I'd certainly look at multing that track to get individual control if you've not already.

The octave-doubled vocal line in the chorus is quite an unusual texture, so it does seem a bit of a shame to bury it in the texture quite this much. Also, the "rohypnol and valium" line only appears in the backing vocals, so it'd be nice to be able to hear that a bit better when it arrives, plus I think you're missing some opportunity to open out the chorus by mixing the backing vox that far back anyway. The "cos it cost your purity" feels like it's balanced a bit too high too -- slightly disconcerting when it comes in.

Enjoyed listening to that -- thanks for posting!

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22-07-2012, 12:31 PM (This post was last modified: 22-07-2012 12:34 PM by marghe.)
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RE: AngelSaint by Marghe
Thank you Mike for your so detailed analysis! It's very important for me to know how my mix is received by other person, not to mention by professional engineer like you! I appreciate very much the fact you spend your time on listening and commenting.
I completely agree as to the things you noticed, it's clear to me where I made mistake (for example the drums: I didn't take care of them as much as I should have) and where I applied my own taste and it sounds ok. Oh, the backing voices with "rohypnol and valium" - I missed its importance simply because I wasn't sure what they were actually singing Big Grin (it can happen when you are not English, eh eh). I enjoyed very much mixing the song, in my humble opinion the tracks were very well prepared, everything was transparent.
Thank you once more!
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10-07-2013, 09:11 PM
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RE: AngelSaint by Marghe
Nice sounding mix Marghe.

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