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Lead Inc-Way of Life Memphis Style
11-09-2016, 07:09 PM
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Lead Inc-Way of Life Memphis Style

Had a few hours on this and then ended up doing lot of re-working. Lots of Freq issues to sort out. Tried a few new ideas and automation to try and make some light and shade in the song. Any feedback is much appreciated as I learn the art of mixing Cool

Bass drum-went for a more live sound less boomy bottom

Snare -Mixed in a little maple snare to keep it just sitting and added a nice reverb to give a bigger sound

Guitars- De-esser on some to keep the highs under control

Bass-Used Ignite amps Bass to get a nice rounded sound

Vocals-Tweaked the waveform in Cubase to lower the sibilance so De- esser's were in lighter use and not sucking it dead. Some odd hard freq's in this as well which took some gentle cutting

Cymbals were a challenge to tame , hope its not overdone

Keep Rockin


.mp3   Lead Ink-Way of Life.mp3 --  (Download: 14.06 MB)

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