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Back Home To Blue Mix + Re- amp
05-07-2016, 02:06 AM (This post was last modified: 05-07-2016 01:03 PM by vvalev.)
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Back Home To Blue Mix + Re- amp
Hey there,

I was bored on a long train ride when I came across this song. I think it's a very pleasant tune, so I decided to play around with it to pass the time whilst travelling. I should note that I mixed this using a pair of 30 EUR headphones for monitors, so some things will likely sound a bit off. Knowing these headphones, I suspect that some effects (reverb / delay) are more pronounced than what I can hear.

Anyway, I here is a brief outline of what I did:

Nothing too fancy on the drums overall. I realise that the kick sounds a bit "boomy" but I was referencing the official version of this song and the kick on it cuts through quite hard. Not much processing on it otherwise. Just some EQ and loudness.
-I gated the snare to see how it would sound and it ended up staying that way. Added some EQ and a very quiet, gated reverb.
-A touch of compression on the overheads and some EQ to filter unpleasant noises.
-Room is pretty much raw.
-Routed all the drum tracks to a stem and added some multiband compression.

- I compressed the bass quite a bit and added an aphex aural exciter to emphasise some of the highs and give overall warmth.

I played around with the guitars quite a fair bit. I know that some of the changes may not be appreciated, but I wanted to experiment with some plugins that I had just installed.
-As you can surely hear, I ran the "sparkle" guitar tracks through a Leslie speaker simulation (GSi BURN). I love the warmth and texture Leslies have; anything sounds great through them.
-Re-ampled one of the rhythm guitars to give it some crunch and "twang". I think it fits in well.
-The acoustic guitar is recorded well, so I only compressed and EQed it a touch.

- Used a free 1176 plugin to compress both the lead and backing vocals. I added some plate reverb on the lead vocals and some very subtle delay on the backing vocals.

I didn't really do a lot at the master bus. Just a maximizer and a multiband compressor for light glue.

Hope it turned out a decent mix and I would be happy to hear some thoughts and /or criticism.

P.S I was running Pro Tools 12 on my Windows laptop.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that there is a sidechain compressor on the bass which is triggered by the kick.

.mp3   Back Home To Blue.mp3 --  (Download: 9.61 MB)

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