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Difficult mix, but here it is
04-03-2018, 12:12 PM
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RE: Difficult mix, but here it is
(02-03-2018 05:39 AM)nitelife Wrote:  I just joined this discussion, but, I'm not new to mixing. Aside from the drums being overly bright, I actually like your overall mix, even better than the one rated at 5 stars (which is muddy imho). Your creativity is your strong suit here and I feel you're actually achieving some of the old magic that was in the sound of British mixes that sold many millions of records for the Beatles, Stones, The Who, etc. If you mixed through monitors instead of headphones, I think you could easily bring the drums eq into the scope of the rest of the mix and you would have an excellent sounding piece of work! I hope you continue to be encouraged to "create" like this.

Thank You nitelife for listening and comment. And especially for your kind words. It's an old mix, don't really know if I dare to touch it if I still have the tracks in my mix folder. But I will have a look though. I guess I learnt a lot since this but on the other hand I've been away from mixing some time. But those drums...needs a helping hand :-)

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