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James May - Hold On You
31-08-2015, 09:27 AM
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RE: James May - Hold On You
Thank you for your comments, guys. This track is harder that it seems and probably I should spend some more time with the drums.

@Dave: I have to try that technique you mentioned about 'memorizing' what you hear and try to EQ by remembering the sound. Yes, a good recording makes you go straight to the EQ and stuff to make it sound better; but I think that by no having such ideal recordings, also help you face problems and solve them. So eventually it's a way to get experience. So I have a possitive attitude about such issues.

@Sergio: gracias por la observación del rimshot. Voy a mirarlo esta tarde a ver si lo consigo corregir. De todas formas, creo que lo más dificil ya está hecho y esto es mucho más sencillo.

@Alan: Yes, it's a shame; but this encourages me to find a solution. I'm the most stubborn person in the world Wink

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