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Morning Sickness
13-06-2015, 02:38 PM
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Morning Sickness
Thanks for the listen and any input Smile

.mp3   Morning Sickness.mp3 --  (Download: 11.25 MB)

To mix or not to mix ... mix!
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18-06-2015, 04:02 PM
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RE: Morning Sickness
just passin' thru...long time eh?,,

i've mixed this....2 different visions, both difficult. i found the guitar is a nightmare between 4kHz and 5kHz, right in the heart of our sensitive zone. i found using 2 different EQ's a decent strategy so this can be nailed without crippling the timbre when the guitar is running outside of this zone for the remaining 70 percent of the time. if you give the guitar a free rein, it hurts. but then again, attenuating the problem zone too much loses the effect, thus making it a difficult call.

you've gone for a hall-type verb on the vocal. in the one sense, it tends to lose the illusion of a live feel because the audience are fantastic sound absorbers and thus help to attenuate higher frequencies (they also make good bass absorbers too....if you want a cheap way to sort out any room issues!). the long decay time therefore, wouldn't be applicable because of the impact on the RT60, in that sense.

there was a problem with the guitar tracking right at the end where a new sound clip was rather crudely went with it?

if i may say, i think the sibilance needs more work, but i sympathise with the problem laid before us. i think i'd roll off some treble on the drums though...for a more comfortable ride.

she has some challenges in the 200-1000Hz area where there's an abundance of spectrum pushed rather hard, and it sounds to me like you've done a good job of nailing that problem. good move. what did you do here? i went for dynamic EQ...3band [transparent] multicomp' after a few distractions first trying out different static arrangements.

no comments on the drum kit in general (other than the hat being a touch harsh, again, another inherent issue in the raw goods)'re the boss Big Grin

the Virus tends to drop out occasionally, so i'd hunt for ways of keeping it present without it being over done. it's easy to over cook it, i found.

the bass sounds muddy and lacking attack, which suggests you went more for the Moog? it makes the bass much more laid back which might have been the effect you were looking for? the Moog works well with the MPC, but they need EQ to separate them so they aren't climbing over each other. i think i put the MPC higher up the spectrum where it worked better for me...but we might have differences in vision, which i'd respect.

one other point....i'm on the cans here, and i'm finding the panning decision not as binaural as it needs to be with an additional problem in that it's skewing the spectrum unevenly making listening a lop-sided event. i went for Haas if the tip helps any, as i found panning alone wouldn't cut it...and it also gave a bigger/fuller sound field, added a touch of stereoness about it, and gave a more immersive feel. and then it buried the vocal Undecided all good fun, eh?


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