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The Wood Brothers: 'Honey Jar - takka360 - 14-08-2019 12:07 AM

Had another play,i missed of the harmonica etc by mistake

RE: The Wood Brothers: 'Honey Jar - stevens304 - 19-08-2019 07:22 PM


it's crunchy, isn't it? Did you use a lot of saturation?

The one thing that comes to my mind when listening to it is: there is too much "smack" on the drums. Kick and snare really jump in certain areas. Lot of beater on the kick and a tubby-ness to the snare. It's a little unnatural in my opinion. Doesn't suit a live recording really well. There might be too much eq and too much compression on those in particular.

I like the vocals. But overall the mix is a little dry and it's especially apparent on the vocals.

If you like, you can hav a listen to my version and we can have a conversation. I'm no authority and still in a learning precess as well Smile

Cheers, Stefan

RE: The Wood Brothers: 'Honey Jar - takka360 - 19-08-2019 11:23 PM

I think our mixes and ideas are just totally different.Be a boring world if every mix was the same .
Everyone likes different things,there is no perfect snare or kick its all preference

RE: The Wood Brothers: 'Honey Jar - crownoise - 29-08-2019 10:27 AM

Hey Takka, nice mix you got here. It feels very smooth and nice chrunsh and punch in the mids. Only thing i think is that i feel its a tiny bit to vintage, atleast in the vocals where it feels a bit nasal and boxy, other then that really nice mix.

RE: The Wood Brothers: 'Honey Jar - takka360 - 29-08-2019 02:16 PM

Cheers mate glad you mostly like it