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James May - Eliza Jane - Logic Audio Productions - maddrummer - 04-03-2018 04:17 AM

Apple Software:cool:Hey folks! OK so on this mix I used Reaper 64 bit DAW to edit and mix and Harrison Mixbus 32C to master. I found allot of noise and click on the mandolin tracks that had to be removed. Some breaths and a bit of tuning on the BGV. James has a beautiful voice and instead of doubling the tracks I used Slate Repeater at around 3ms to thicken his vocal. Gave some more meat in his voice around 310Hz. I also did allot of automation on vocals and mandolin. Plugins I use (all the time) were Slate VMR, Waves CLA 2A and Puigtec EQ1 and EQ5, Reaper EQ, some filtering under 100 and under 45Hz. iZotope Ozone 7 and the mastering in 32C pulled the whole mix together. If you haven't tried Mixbus or still deciding on which DAW to use you can get the full working demo free. I did 5 mixes of this and this is my final one. I'm adding this here because I want to get some critiques like most here. So please listen and comment! It's a shame we can't use FLAC format but I had to dither it down to 16 bit 192 sample. But it still sounds good. Tell me what you think, what you love, what you hate! It's all good!
- - Rich

RE: James May - Eliza Jane - Logic Audio Productions - M.W.A.P. - 12-08-2018 07:14 PM

Sounds overprocessed and not natural. Use less EQ and effects.