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Full Version: CFD mix - Uncle Dad - Who I Am
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Hello there, this is my mix, mixed in 4 days, please need feedback, thanks .
Hi there CFD, i liked the overall balance of the guitars and the acoustic instruments; i feel the vocals have too much reverb and that tends to bury them and also they need to be more up front. The snare drum sounds strange and a little thin, maybe there is too much bottom mic. Another thing i miss is more bass.

Hope i could help, keep it up!!

(04-11-2013 12:18 PM)CFD Wrote: [ -> ]Hello there, this is my mix, mixed in 4 days, please need feedback, thanks .

OK, right off the bat I must say of all the mixes I've listened to so far this one got the vocal balance exactly right against the overall level of the music; loud enough to have presence but not so much that it felt disconnected from the overall mix.

I love the sound of the drums here, whatever you did to the snare in particular, but I feel the sound doesn't belong in a song of this type; the drum sound felt more appropriate for a pop song maybe.

Instruments were, at times, a little too upfront compared to the drums, and I feel the instruments could be spread a little more over the stereo field. The way they are now feels like everyone's playing in a tiny little room; it should feel like they're spread out on a stage. Wink

Finally, there doesn't seem to be much low frequency presence here; I'd look at giving a little boost to both the bass and the kick drum.

Also, I get the impression you used compression in your mastering stage here. If I'm right, I'd try the mix without it; I suspect it'll "breathe" a lot better without it, particularly given the nature of acoustic music like country that, I find, tends to sound better the LESS you process it. Wink
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