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Full Version: FRIGGY MIX - Die Young
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2nd mix update!

Added those toms in there.
Did some automation work, mainly getting the downbeat into each section to hit harder.
Used the background vocal mics to act as wide room mics.
Controlled the keyboard a little. I still like how they wub wub a little to grab your attention.
Trimed out some noise at the front and end.

Was gonna go to sleep early tonight, but started working on this instead. More work to do to it, but I wanted to post this up as a reference until I get back to it tomorrow.

Drums were interesting, I started on the kick and snare, got annoyed by how they were captured, muted them and just used the overheads and rooms to get the majority of the drum tone. Brought the kick and snare in a bit later, just for a bit of point.

Mono guitar, but I sent it to a stereo delay. 0ms on one side, and 8ms or something on the right. Spread it out well.

Vocals had less bleed than most live tracks, so that was nice to work with. But nothing crazy on them or the keys.
Thanks for listening!
I like the vocals, but drums and bass lack energy and are way too low in the mix.
I'm gonna keep the drums as a splatty roomy thing for now. Getting the kick and snare to be more popped, I think would start to take away from the vocals.

I did add the tom mics in and automated the kick in for the choruses, so that should help the track drive a bit more.
I like your mix. Maybe you should take a listen again to check on the over all top end. Perhaps it's the reason the previous dude thought your drum and bass (aka bottom end) were too far back. I'd pay attention to: (1) guitar (rich top end), (2) hats= same as #1, and (3) snare (I also think it's over compressed), (4) maybe your verb too. A little cut on the hi mid (1k-4k) on some or all of them should help. Your bass and kick are quite nice, why mess around with them, right? How many times we say to ourselves, "it's just a little bright/dull; all I need to do is strap on an EQ and fix it in 2 seconds!" but ended up burning the midnight oil looking desperately for our ways out from that rabbit hole Smile
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