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Full Version: Kat Wright - Contact MIX MAXIME L
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Hello everyone,
Here is my mix for this beautiful song.

I'm waiting for your feedback.
I felt like I was standing in the back of an empty hard-walled room and listening to under-powered speakers while the band was rehearsing a song before the concert :/
Not quite a sound I would be pleased with if I had paid good ticket-money to see them in concert.

A bit to boomy for my taste.
It's hard to describe really, but I felt like I was separated from the song (like the difference between hearing it played on the radio vs LIVE in person, if that makes some kind of sense)
I would say JEL's synopsis is a bit harsh.
My only real complaint would too much reverb. A more judicious use of it would still hold the ensemble together while giving the mix more presence and reduced resonances.
I'm sorry if I came across in a harsh way. I know how hard it is to do these things and screwed up my own version too Smile
I was just trying to describe the emotion I got while listening, but not trying to be brutal. So I apologize if that's how it came across.
nice mix. I heard some rumbling on the vocal mic with the bleed and the Ps. maybe a hi pass filter there and also a hi pass filter before the verb would help clean that up. Try up to as high as 400/600hz. Can still verb it out without the verb getting in the way to much.
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