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Full Version: Water Duct Mix
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Mixed this a while back. Very cool song!

Please have a listen!
Good mix of this beautiful song. You made it little dareker than the other guy mixed it and added some saturation and it suits the song to my ears. Also small details in the effect department are added, very delicate and tasteful.
My only wish is the place wehere the music and voices peak were presented a little better. By that I mean its the loudest part in your mix, but its looses effect with the folowing part being as loud as it is. By turnin those parts some down, or goin a little easier on the limiter you would present that particular sequence better.

But details m8, very good mix Big Grin
Hey Voelund- thanks for the listen and helpful critique!

Did this one sometime back so haven't revisited the file session in some time but I'll have to check and take a listen to what you mentioned.

Thanks again!
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